Apparel and Footwear in Vietnam

Apparel and Footwear in Vietnam

Shoes & Apparel is one of Vietnam’s most important im-export sectors.

We issue the best service in the import -export transportation, customs clearance,  warehousing and distribution.We also apply the same commitment to innovation to our supply chain outsourcing solutions as to our customer compliance programs, ensuring that we deliver consistently high quality, quickly and effectively to any market in the world.

Who are the biggest importers of Vietnamese garment and footwear products? Not surprising, it’s the US, the EU and Japan.

Industry Solutions

Consumer Good

Recently, the Vietnamese market is booming and developing products for domestic consumption. Hundreds of foreign brands have brought a new look to the Vietnamese consumer goods industry …

Apparel and Footwear in Vietnam

We provide the best services in import / export transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution …

Agricultural product

Vietnam is one of the agricultural countries with many key export products: canned food, coffee, pepper, cashew, rice, rubber, fruit …

Plastics and plastic products

Plastic products have been one of the fastest growing exports of Vietnam over the past five years. Plastic exports are forecast to grow 16% in 2015 ….

Woodend Product

Vietnam, which has 800 million cubic meters of wood reserves, can exploit three million cubic meters of wood per year …

Electronics, auto part

Vietnam is a small but fast growing manufacturer of electronics, auto parts and computer components …

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